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Touch sensitivity calibration description

Calibration of the touchpad temperature settings
In extremely cold weather or abnormal temperature conditions your phone might not function like it normally should. If you are operating your phone in extreme cold conditions the touchpad of your phone may not react as it would under normal conditions. Any effect to the usage of the touchpad may therefore be caused due the impact of the surrounding environment.
In order to avoid any inconvenience or interruption to the usage of your device, ZTE will provide a user friendly solution to ensure the usability of your device.
This app solves typical touchpad problems through the calibration of the settings on your phone which are then adapted to a lower temperature environment.
All settings are done automatically, one need only install and execute the app on your phone.
Place your phone on an isolated desk (lay some non conducting material between your phone and the desk) then execute the application. While the process is ongoing please keep a certain distance between yourself and the device in order to avoid any unwanted influence during the calibration. The process will take only a few seconds. Once completed you may then return to main home screen and start using your phone normally.

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