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Swamp Defense Lite description

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Swamp Defense is a classic tower defense game for any beginners or defensive specialist.
Fight your way through a large number of levels with different routes.
Unique tower types help you to defeat the Swamp Monsters.
Help the family to get rid of the evil breed and fight against the swamp attack.
The Family
Old Flint
Slows Monsters, minimal Damage
Weapon: Denture adhesive
High damage, shoots trough enemies
Weapon: Electro beam
Splash damage, much damage
Weapon: Kitchen Apliances
Moderate damage, middle range, rapit fire rate
Weapon: Pistol, Gun
Little Joe
Long range, incredible damage, splash damage
Weapon: Rocket launcher
Features in Fullversion:
- 5 different Towers (the family)
- 8 types of enemies
- more unique Levels with interesting routes
- Endless waves (if you are good enough ;) )
- unlockable levels
- Statistics
Limits of Lite Version:
- Wavelimit: 80 waves
- Ads included
How To Play
Put a tower on the edge of the course by tapping with your fingers on the screen.
Depending on the available money you can put a weak or strong tower.
If you've killed enemies, then you get money. With this money you can improve an existing tower or buy new towers. To improve a tower, tap the desired tower and pick the Button for update (Arrow Up). In this menu you can also sell the tower ($).

Help us to improve this game! If you have problems or a crash please report it and write a short email to us with informations about the problems and your hardware and Android version. We can´t reply to user comments so it is not easy to find the problems.
Mail to: mail@entwickler-x.de
Also available for iPhone / iPad (iOS) , Windows Phone 7, Xbox 360 and Amiga OS4.1

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