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Nature2 W29300 Spa Test Strips, 50 Count Reviews
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Nature 2's Test Strips provide pool owners to easily test their water for MPS (mono per sulfate) shock treatment, pH, and alkalinity levels, giving you quick and accurate results you can act on. Simply follow the supplied directions and you can easily maintain your pools overall health with minimal effort, saving you time better spent enjoying your pool. These test strips are designed for use once per week, and come in bottles of 50 each.

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★★★★★ spa test strips
It was just so convenient to get these strips through Amazon instead of shopping around. They work accurately as i checked the results with my local spa dealer.
By Peg
★★★★★ They work and the price is right.
I check our spa's chemistry a couple times a week with these strips and they seem to work perfectly (but how can I assess their accuracy?).
Price from Amazon is good.
By Steve Sawyer

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