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Are you boring with Apps having only painting or brushing then This app Can be your answers.
This sonic coloring book has both functions (coloring sonic & Paint sonic). That offers you an opportunity to make unique images See the images below as examples that i draw with my app. Of course It's not easy to make high quality images with Smart Phone. But With sonic coloring book you can do it whatever you want.
If you are not good at art, paint, drawing and so on, Don't worry about it. Try this. I guarantee you not regret.
sonic coloring pages can be entertaining, but they can instill passivity in kids. Tap and a color field automatically fills a shape. Or, paint and the app keeps your color stroke within the lines for you.
Fun Personalized sonic coloring book for Kids with a rich variety of colorful patterns. Coloring time has never been more fun. Let’s Join!
sonic coloring games teach children fine motor skills, early math skills, early reading skills and the basics of art theory.

The sonic coloring book are simple enough for young children to explore drawing and colors, to go beyond realism and to expand the limits of their imagination. The voice prompt invitations give kids autonomy over the app. Each illustration presents an opportunity to enhance both skills and imagination. And, of course, to have fun with art making.
Draw with your favorite colors in a pencil or a brush mode with sonic coloring pages , get a little help for yourself with eraser!
Don’t be afraid to go beyond the border of the image: everything is already thought out. Just select the mode in sonic coloring book that suits your kid and let him create!

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