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The goal of the Seattle project is to build an open and free computational platform that makes distributed computation available to everyone. We believe that humanity benefits from an open, volunteer-driven, peer-to-peer infrastructure that can solve important computational tasks for users. The Seattle project is being used to support students around the world, help researchers make the Internet a safer and more robust place, and Seattle is being used to help families in developing regions share photos to keep in touch. You, too, can make a difference just by running our software!

Introduction to Seattle Donation
The overall philosophy of the Seattle project is use a little bit of the resources on devices like your phone in a safe and secure manner (including performance-isolation). Programs that run donated resources are isolated so that a program can't write or read files it isn't supposed to or do other bad things to your computer. Seattle also ensures fair play by isolating the performance of Seattle programs from your other programs you use. Our promise to you is to use no more than the amount of your computer's resources you specify such as 10%. This makes sure your battery won't drain very quickly due to running this software. You can also stop and start the program at any time without uninstalling it.

Running any software on your system involves a small amount of risk. A bug in any of the software you run can allow an attacker to do bad things with your computer. Seattle is designed to make running Seattle code on your system risk free. Seattle prevents programs from using too many resources, reading your files on the system, or doing other bad things to your computer. We request only the permissions that we need to execute the software.

Why You Should Donate
By running Seattle on your home computer, workstation, or computer, you are helping everyone using Seattle! By making your donation available to Seattle users, you are allowing users to try new topologies of nodes. This enables both more accurate representations of Internet (increased and varied latency times) and allows more undergraduates, graduate students, and professors to test their hypotheses on a Internet-like testbed without charge. You are helping these people to build the cool advances (like cloud computing) that everyone will benefit from in the future.

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