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Mosquitool description

Mosquitool repels mosquitoes, can adjust frequency and set timer according to needs.
Only female mosquitoes will bite animals as they need enough Protein for spawning. While female mosquitoes are pregnant, they will keep away from male mosquitoes to prevent further mating which will affect pregnancy. If female mosquitoes notice there are male mosqutioes nearby, they will leave. Male mosquito wings will generate sound wave with frequency between 5kHz to 9kHz, which will vary depending on the type. Mosquitool can simulate the sound wave of male mosquito wings' vibration and scare female mosquites away.
Mosquitoes' natural enemies are bats and they can identify the ultrasonic produced by bats. Generating ultrasonic can repel mosquitoes from coming. Ultrasound is an oscillating sound pressure wave with a frequency greater than the upper limit of the human hearing range which is approximately 20 kHz. Mosquitool can generate sound wave of frequency up to 22kHz that can repal mosquitoes effectively while not affecting human.
Mosquitool can adjust to male and bats frequency and set timer according to your needs.
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