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Good SQL knowledge makes up a good back-end programmer. Our App makes you a good back-end programmer. For all those students and developers out there, this app is for you. Go through the SQL Topics. We provide to you a visually stunning guide to sql, covering all topics - Basic SQL upto Advance SQL with examples of queries in MySql, Oracle, MsSql Server and Access Databases
Basic Topics:
Intro, Insert, Update, Delete, Select, Where, Distinct, Order By, Syntax, And - OR
Date Functions:
Convert(), DateAdd, DateDiff(), DatePart(), GetDate(), CurDate(), CurTime(), Date(), Date_add(), Date_format(), Date_sub(), DateDiff(), Extract(), Now()
Avg(), Count(), First(), Format(), Functions(), Format(), Group BY, Having, Last(), Lcase(), Len(), Max(), Mid(), Min(), Now(), Replace(), Round(), Space(), SubString(), Sum(), UCase()
Advanced Topics:
Alias, Alter, Between, Case, Check, Constraints, Create DB, Create Index, Create Table, Data Types, Dates, Default, Drop, Foreign Key, Primary Key, Full Join, Inner Join, Left Join, Right Join, In, Increment, Is Null, Like, Select into, Top, Union, Unique, Views, Wildcards
- Learning SQL Queries and practicing them is no more a difficult or tedious job. Our app makes it fun for you.

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