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Greek Caller ID description

See who's calling before you pick it up!
✔ Greece, Cyprus, Germany, U.S.A and Australia Caller ID
✔ Μanual search from telephone, name and address
✔ It can find the municipality, town and country of the incoming number without Internet connection
✔ Call history from the Internet result of the incoming numbers
✔ Emergency Calls
✔ Save the details on new contact
✔ Abort searching for contacts numbers
✔ Abort searching for numbers you add on your list
✔ VIES VAT number validation.
✔ Manual search for area codes (Attiki, Greek towns, Canada, USA, Germany, Australia and Countries) and "Greek Postal Codes" without Internet connection
✔ Manual search for Greece, Cyprus (Cyta), USA, Canada, Italy, Germany, France, Portugal, England, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Luxembourg, Sweden, Switzerland and user supplied (whocallsme.gr, whocallsme.com, phoneowner.info and offline db) telephone directory

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