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go6 NFL AFC Player Links FREE description


CLEVELAND BROWNS have a player SCOTT FUJITA who also played for DALLAS COWBOYS who had a player MARC COLOMBO who plays for MIAMI DOLPHINS who also have a player RICHIE INCOGNITO.


Players and teams can be linked because the player currently, or has previously played for the club (this includes loan spells).
Players cannot be linked to players and teams cannot be linked to teams.


1. Go to Game Options and select player mode.

2. Return to main menu. (Press the back button on your phone to navigate.)

3. Start the easier game and 8 random NFL teams, and twelve random AFC players are displayed.

4. Start the harder game and only 6 random NFL teams, and twelve random AFC players are displayed.

5. Study them and decide how many links you can make. You must link a player to a team and a team to a player or your selection will be wrong.

6. Select your choices. Be careful to select them in the right order (see example above).

7. Make your bid.

8. Press confirm.

9. A message of praise will be displayed if you are correct.
Be warned though, an insult may accompany a wrong attempt!

10. Navigate to the Scores page to see how you're doing.
The scoring is based on averages, so every game counts! See if you end up as a 'Cheerleader' or achieve the dizzy heights of 'First Team Coach'
Save your High Scores (especially if you score a six - they're hard to come by), and challenge your friends using the NEW two player mode. The current leader in the two player game is indicated by a gold star beside their scores.


The go6 quiz series is an original quiz idea based on the 'six degrees of separation' theory, i.e. any two people in the world can be linked in no more than six steps.

go6 NFL AFC Players 2011 is probably the toughest football quiz game on the market. To succeed you will need to have a wide knowledge of current AFC footballers and the clubs they have played for.

The FREE version plays the same as the paid version EXCEPT if you pay you get SECRET access to the ANSWERS and the opportunity to astound your friends with your incredible knowledge!.

The facts have been obtained from the official NFL web site (http://www.nfl.com) and are accurate for 2011. The game includes 60 AFC players who have played at three or more of the current 30 NFL clubs. This allows for thousands of different combinations ensuring that you will never get bored.

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