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FlickKey Keyboard description

BETA NOW AVAILABLE FOR WEAR! Email support to try.

NOTE:Many have have rated this app poorly due to lack of support for Android Wear. However, it is AndroidWear that does not support keyboards. But you can get a very basic version in the #1 and best Android Wear messenging apps: Wear Messenger and K9 for Wear.

FlickKey® - the only keyboard that is both fast and accurate on all devices, including smartwatches.

FlickKey®Keyboard app is is the most innovative and best new way to type. It is a full step into the future.FlickKey's fully gestured method uses a new input object that offers unprecedented accuracy and efficiency.Unlike the swype like keyboards, like swype, swiftkey, slideIt, google flow, and traditional keyboards for Android, FlickKey lets you to type all common words without having to swype or tap all the characters of a word—so last century. FlickKey uses unique nested popup flick-keys to provide the fastest and most efficient new way to type.

Finally, typing for this century!

Would you also like to truly touch-type, and keep your eyes on your text? Would you like to type with any number of thumbs or fingers - any way you like? If so, try FlickKey. Once mastered, FlickKey's superior concept has the reliability and speed, due to its six large keys, to let you move beyond staring at your keys. FlickKey is extremely fast, efficient, and accurate on all your touch screen devices - even smartwatches!(Supported Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, and Portuguese)

FlickKey has a minimum six large flick-able keys with 9 selections. To use: press and flick (slide) in the direction of an outer character. You can press ANYWHERE on the large key.. Tap for the center character.

FlickKey keys are so large that they are not hard to hit, they are hard to miss! Learn to touch type with FlickKey and keep your eyes on your text. That’s nearly impossible with a standard mobile keyboard.

Note: FlickKey does NOT work like swype, swiftkey, and other sliding apps! The Popup Flick-Keys require significantly less swipe -ing. Further, FlickKey differs philosophically from keyboards that rely on disambiguation, like swype, fleksy, minuum, and others. FlickKey can type all text accurately and quickly, not just common words guessed from a dictionary.

FlickKey includes POPUP FLICK-KEYS containing whole words that can be entered by choosing words with as little as two little quick flicks. Thousands of words, symbols, and phrases can be entered with unmatched speed.

FlickKey's best features:

◆Only six super large ‘hard to miss’ keys on the screen at a time
◆Popup flick-able keys so you can type common words uncommonly fast
◆More common punctuation characters on the main screen :-)
◆Only two screens for all characters
◆Accuracy and speed!
◆With microphone

And FlickKey:

✓does NOT ADVERTISE to you!
✓does NOT GATHER INFORMATION about you! (Unlike swift key, and most others)
✓Is safe and secure

Let your friends know about FlickKey for Android!

Perfect for the quickest messaging on WhatsApp MessageMe path sms apps kik, and all the best free messaging apps. It is a big step beyond common keyboards built into your iPhone HTC Motorola LG Sony or Samsung phones.

If you have any problems, please contact support@flickkey.com before leaving feedback. We will help. NOTE:IF YOU ARE NOT QUITE READY FOR IT, Uninstall under Settings->Languages & input.

Requirements: Compatible with Android4.0 - L / Lollipop. This free trial works on all phones & smartwatches running 4.0+, including for HTC, Motorola, LG, Sony, and for Samsung. Smartwatch(Working on themes: neon pink theme, blue theme, purple theme, yellow theme, green theme, background picture, etc. Care to suggest themes?)

FlickKey Keyboard for Android app is a free app for 60-days (free trial).

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