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Looking for love? Have you found that all your pilates classes, teeth whitening, and win a free Porsche personal ad have done nothing to attract a mate? The problem may be in the bedroom -- but it`s not your ignorance of the butterfly flick.
The ancient Chinese practice of Feng Shui analyzes living spaces to see where energy or "chi" is either stagnated or absent. How you design not only your bedroom but other key areas of your home may be affecting your hello handsome come hither more than you think.
Practitioners like Georgia and Daisy Fotopoulos use a BaGua which is an octagonal energy blueprint which divides your house or apartment into eight sections using the main front entrance as the starting point. Facing in the front door the back right corner is your marriage sector. If this happens to be your personal bedroom - great. If it`s not, try to add something in that room that is symbolic of a romantic union like a heart shaped box or rose quartz crystal to attract the right partner. Even just adding light to that area can attract chi. If it happens to be your bathroom, keep the door closed, you might just be flushing love down the toilet.
Since your bedroom is your romantic epi-center you can focus your Feng Shui efforts there to attract love and romance:
Create room for love in your life

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