Creed Of Block Dead Striker description

Creed Of Block: Dead Striker
Experience explosive FPS action in this dynamic adventure world
Creed of Block: Dead Striker is a game of monumental proportions. This amazing survival craft game boasts massive levels that will impress. Large environments are necessary though when the level itself is its own challenge and the terrain is overrun with unstoppable enemies that only increase as you progress. Enjoy user-friendly pad based controls and intuitive interface that allows you to navigate terrain easily so you can focus on death defying stunts. The journey starts here. Dare to accept the challenge?
Ri, the home of the Rians, is a prosperous planet in the Ritarian star system. Together with three satellites, the celestial bodies are inhibited by an advanced generation of humanoids. Ri is the largest of these planets and whose civilization is efficiently run and as such, is the leading planet tasked with the ruling of several systems ranging throughout the galaxy. For centuries Ri was governed successfully and the planet thrived. Fast forward a few centuries later and the planet is under the influence of scientists who are hell-bent on creating the "perfect" society. While their determined studies focus on society, the planet has been decaying at a rapid rate due to their societal construct.
An advanced life form in hibernation since your creation, you are the ideal candidate to test the time portal and stop the government and these scientists before it is too late and the planetary system crumbles. Awaked, you are tasked with retrieval of this portal, but this key article is not to be found anywhere in the Ritarian star system. The portal is hidden within an unassuming historical artifact on the planet Earth. Your mission will not be easy, for the artifact is being held in a totalitarian district whose hostile environment will accept no outsider involvement. That's why you-- the ultimate assassin-- will make the perfect hero for this quest.

-Block World Style Graphics
-Endless Combat
-Ammo, Health and Speed Pickups
-Melee and Firearm Weapon Variety
-Three Challenging Maps to Dominate
-Awesome Pixel Graphics
-Hand-to-Hand Combat

**** DISCLAIMER ****
Creed of Block: Dead Striker is not associated with Minecraft nor any of its skins, textures or characters. This game is an epic creation of its own that boasts exciting running and shooting action that promises a thrilling adventure. Enjoy!

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