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Cops and Robbers description

Police Cop Car Driving Game, Cops and Robbers, is a action-packed Police Cop Car Driving Sim Game. You're the City Police in this Cop Driving Simulator and you patrol the streets in super fast police cars and catch the criminals who are driving around illegally. Help the city by stopping criminal robber and bringing him to justice


- 3D Police Cop Cars & Sports Car Models! High Quality and Incredibly Detailed!
- New Experience Points Based Gameplay, Earn XP To Unlock Better, Faster, Stronger, Police Cars!
- Non-Stop Cops VS Robbers Game Play, Drive Around Freely Chasing Fleeing Robbers, All Unlocked for Free!
- Realistic Police Car Driving Physics!
- New and Exciting Missions! The thrill of the chase and the intense action of firing real-life machine guns!

Cops and Robbers new gameplay gives you unlimited freedom to roam freely around the city streets, looking for any criminal activity, take control of a city police car, drive close to a suspicious looking vehicle, turn on your police siren, and ask them for their license and registration. Some people will cooperate, some will flee and drive away fast to escape jail, your objective is to stop them from escaping by hitting into their car to stop them. You'll earn Experience Points (XP) by stopping the criminals and performing police procedures, XP will help you to unlock better City Police Cars.

Want to test City Police car driving skills? Ready to have a fun time catching the Robbers in the city, ready to to bring them to justice? OK then, prepare to amazed and become a successful City Police Car Driver Officer in Cops and Robbers!

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