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UPDATE 8/16/11 Fixed saving problem by syncing game to online servers. So create a new account in the app and now every time you log in your game information will be saved online for loading later. Updates to the donate version coming next.

If you like the free version, please consider purchasing the donate version.


UPDATE 7/25/11

Still looking for ideas for new things to add to the game. In the meantime i have resorted to adding ads to the free version of the game. If you purchase the donate version it will remove the ads. sorry but money is tight these days. I know this isn't really a good source of income but it is a source.

Check out the Donate version! It adds some new mini games and an online scoreboard. I AM NOT ABANDONING THE FREE PROJECT! The free project will still receive all the major bug fixes and maybe one or two mini games.

A simple virtual pet game, where you have a fish to feed, and clean up for. Has health bar, store to buy food, and option to buy a second fish.

App Inventor Extender is required for this app to function 100% Please download it from the market.

Made with google app inventor

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Ive been working on this app for some time now. And basically I've come here to ask for some suggestions. I have completely run out of ideas for this app, but i really enjoy doing it. I have made a few other apps with App Inventor and put them on the market but nothing has come close to how good this one is and how well it has taken off in the market. I have even went as far as to making a donate version addon for $0.99. Now the donate version just has a few mini games and a premium store. I have attached a copy of the current version of the free app for you to try out and perhaps post some helpful comments/suggestion on where i can go next with this app. If you think you have a suggestion for the donate version but want to test it out, pm me and i can send you a demo version of the donate app that you can use for 5 times before it will expire. Anyone who can give me a good idea that i can use with app inventor,and then it turns out that i use that new feature will get credit for it in the app, and i will send them a free copy of the donate version that will not be a demo. I know its not much but i really like this app and i don't want to just abandon it. So any helpful comments/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thats another reason i don't want to just abandon it. It seems that people like it but i am just running out of ideas.


Recent changes:

fixed register bug

Content rating: Low Maturity

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