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Assassin 3D Sniper Free Games description

Assassin Sniper 3D is a free sniper shooter game for android phones, In this sniper games, you have to play as a Marksman sniper shooter and eliminate the criminals by using your sharp shooting skills. Kill the enemies of the state. Don’t let them escape, kill them all in time. Your mission is your first priority. Your American sniper rifle weapon is especially made for very long range shooting. You won’t have any other weapons in the field. Take the headshots and save the ammunition. This is the best fps game available on store with HD graphics and cool sfx. DOWNLOAD NOW..!!
-:Game Play:-
There are 2 different modes:
1. Campaign Mode.
2. Wanted Mode.
You will have three major locations for elimination of the targets.
1. Airport Sniper Mission.
2. Railway Station Sniper Mission.
3. Army Base Sniper Mission.
4. City Traffic Sniper Mission
Airport Sniper Mission:
In airport sniper assassin shooting mission, you have to take out the targets who are trying to escape the country in the flight. You have to kill them before they board the flight. Try to take the headshot so that you don’t have to shoot the second time as the first shot will create a panic and it would be difficult to aim and shoot.
City Traffic Sniper Mission:
In city traffic sniper assassin shooter mission, you have to kill the mafia and criminal from the roof top. The mafia is trying to deliver bomb making material for the bomb blast in the city. They will be equipped with ak-47, m4a1 and other lethal weapons, so be careful. Don’t kill any civilian during the mission, it will abort and fail the mission.
Army Base Mission:
In army base shooting mission, kill the given target and complete your mission with stealth as there will be soldiers in watch towers watching out 24 x 7 for any kind of suspicious thing or person in the area. You may need to kill the guards in watch towers as well.
Railway Station Sniper Mission:
A terrorist and a killer is leaving the city by train. The intel has informed about his schedule and train. Kill the target in the given time right before train leaves the station. Don’t shoot until the train moves because it will create a chaos. You have to be very precise in this aim and shoot target because the target will be moving in train.
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