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ANGRY BOTS 9MB description

FANTASTIC NEW MULTIPLAYER MODE! Tell your friends and start gaming together. Please buy ANGRY BOTS 9MB PREMIUM for ad free gaming.
For users looking for the iOS version please go to the Appstore and download Protonium.
Angry Bots 9MB is the ultimate 3d game. Features blindingly fast 3d gameplay and awesome graphics across 9 thrilling levels + Multiplayer mode. The game is a tiny 23MB download that will blow your mind. No extra downloads required. Play it now!!!
Featuring: Multiplayer, Cyborg AI, Speech, Fully lightmapped graphics, Accelerated 3d rendering, Atmospheric sound effects, frantic gameplay and more. Optimized for ICS Galaxy SII, SIII, Note and other gaming phones including devices with Jelly Bean 4.1. Powered by the amazing Unity3d Engine.
You are John McClure on a one man mission to take down 4 rogue Android controlled bases and restore them to the empire. Fight your way through waves of Angry Bots to get to the end of the levels and take control of the teleport vortex.
Unlock secure areas by hacking computer terminals and jump to new levels using vortex teleports. DESTROY all flyers, crawlers, megabots and cyborgs. Collect medi-packs to increase your health.
9 NEW LEVELS: Wasteland, Snow Base, Snow Chasm, Desert Shootout, Bridge Pipeline, Warehouse, Chemical Store, Factory & Rooftop.
How to play-
use left thumb on the left joypad to move John, use right thumb on the right joypad to make John fire in that direction.
On the server device in multiplayer menu select 'create server', type the server's ip address in the other player devices and hit 'multiplayer'. The server device can spectate or press 'play' to join in. Easy!

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