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An exciting 3D first person shooting game set in the post apocalyptic world scenario of 2035. The aliens have taken over the world and the human race is near extinction. The remaining human populace has stood up in arms and is resisting the total annihilation of their species. You are the leader of an elite and crack sniper unit responsible for saving vital installations and equipment from falling into the enemy hands as well as protecting precious human lives.
A game so addictive that you’ll find it hard to resist playing it uninterrupted for hours and hours in a stretch. Compelling graphics and story line. The earth has become infested with ugly, blood thirsty alien monsters. Eliminate with extreme prejudice! Blast away, my trigger happy friends.
You're the Last Line of Defense. Save earth from falling into alien hands by completing given missions and assignments successfully and thwarting hostile alien intentions of becoming the dominant race on earth. Battle hardened Alien forces will attack your installations and vital resources from every direction. Unleash a fury of powerful sniper shots upon the aliens to make them pay for their decision to attack your home planet.
- True 3D graphics
- Hours and hours of continuous fun
- First person shooting game
- Free download
- Exhilarating, enthralling and captivating multiple levels
- Playable on android powered handsets and tablets.
- Great sound effects
How to Play:
- Touch screen to move your aim
- Tap the fire button to shoot
- Tap the Scope/Zoom icon to use the telescope feature for precise aim
- Keep any eye on your health bar
Good luck and have fun!

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