4444 math riddle (Four Fours) description

This app is based upon a classical problem that is most commonly formulated as follows:

"Given no more than four instances of the digit 4,
represent all integers using a finite number of
mathematical symbols and operators in common use."

In this app, you get 324 riddles (numbers) which can be expressed by four 4's and basic operation:
Acceptable symbols and operators

+ addition
- subtraction
* multiplication
/ division
sqrt4 square root of 4
^4 power of 4
! factorial, eg: n! = n * (n-1) * (n-2) * ... * 2 * 1
. decimal point (.4 or .44)

Create simple math arguments and try to find all the numbers.
The number 1 can be expressed by 4/4 (the total number of four is always up to 4)

This app is suitable for high school / university students and for people who love mathematics and numbers riddles.

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Recent changes:
Version 1.36
*bug fix with sqrt(
*Added improved Note button

Content rating: Everyone

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